Goal Setting: The Blanchard Way


Goal Setting: The Blanchard Way

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Oakland Chamber of Commerce, Oakland, CA  -  October 12

Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, Santa Rosa, CA  - October 26

9AM to 12 noon;   SPACE is LIMITED!

High Performance Starts with Clear Goals.

Blanchard’s Goal Setting program is a fun, engaging and innovative experience that provides participants with the skills needed to set clear and powerful goals, which will take them a long way to embracing the practice. This session provides a context for goals, helping people understand the importance of examining levels of specificity, from general key areas of responsibility to more specific tasks and action plans.  The benefits of goal setting they identify early in the session will multiply as they discover more along the way. It’s an innovative approach, integrating tried-and-true techniques with the latest science of motivation.  Participants learn to set SMART goals and will be more likely to achieve the goals they set as well as find themselves with more energy and satisfaction in pursuing their goals.  Benefits include:

·Value the role SMART goals play in sustaining motivation and increasing energy, vitality, and a sense of well-being

·Discover how to create specific and measurable goals that are relevant and timely

·Facilitate others in setting SMART goals


$199 Chamber Members / $225 Non-Members including materials

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