Individual & Team Coaching

  • Improve Communication
  • Build Employee Engagement Reduce Turnover
  • Improve Team Leadership & Performance
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence & Knowledge of Self
  • Manage Uncertainty & Change
  • Increase Internal & External Influence & Impact
  • Sharpen Core Leadership Competencies & Skills
  • Create Vision for Your Customers orTeam
  • Take On More Responsibility
  • Develop High Impact Leadership for Women

What you should know:  Programs are fully customized for the unique needs of individual leaders and companies. Coachees receive a comprehensive assessment and a choice among 60 minute session packages (in-person, virtual or blended), between session laser coaching and unlimited email support. Program includes all tools and hard resources needed to reach your leadership objectives. Choose:

  1. Silver Package:  7 hour long sessions OR
  2. Gold Package:  10 hour long sessions

Services May Include:

Regularly Scheduled Reviews & Status Reports with Management
Contractual Agreements
End of Term Reporting Against Goals
ROI Feedback
Coaching Exit Strategy


New!  Just-In-Time Coaching

As a leader,  who can you go to for confidential, unbiased coaching and advice?

Now you can book a single session to work out those sticky, highly confidential issues you'd rather Not discuss with your Manager or the Company Internal Coach.  Maybe you have a sensitive personnel issue, a career challenge or "Managing-Up" difficulties that require a fresh, discreet, outside set of eyes and ears to help resolve.  

Book a single 60 minutes session for only  $299 and receive a road map out of the forest  without stumbling!