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Giving Feedback the Blanchard Way: Part 1

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Mention the word "feedback" and most people jump to the conclusion that they’re about to experience something uncomfortable or negative. But imagine a world without feedback— we would cease to learn, grow, and improve ourselves, our performance, our behavior, and our lives. Yet most of us resist giving and getting feedback because we fail to see the upside.

Research from The Ken Blanchard Companies indicates that the three main reasons people resist giving feedback are:

  1. They’re fearful the other person will get angry
  2. They’ve tried before and didn’t get results
  3. They’re not sure how to do it effectively

Giving feedback appropriately is a powerful skill. And it is a skill everyone needs to master—especially in the business world, where delivering feedback can make a marked difference in performance. The good news is it is a skill and can be learned!

The Giving Feedback Program is a 2 part webinar series focuses on developing critical skills that assist Leaders in the effective coaching and developing of others.  Leaders know that, "Feedback is the breakfast of champions!".  No world-class performers could ever develop their talents without meaningful feedback on their performance.  The focus is on how leaders stay in touch with the performance of the people they are leading so they can provide information that will help them improve their performance.  Giving feedback creates a relationship where people are open to hearing and accepting the feedback.  Once feedback skills are developed, leaders find it easier and easier to help others develop.  

Part 2 of this webinar series is scheduled for July 11th from 11am to 12:30pm PST

Cost is $249 for both session 1 & 2; Workbook $75 plus applicable tax & shipping

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