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Leading People Through Change: Part 1

  • This is a virtual, live webinar series (map)

Organizational change is a fact of business life. Reorganizations, new executive appointments, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and new business initiatives are moments that signal change and can create organizational disruption.

Change is never easy, and roughly 70% of change efforts fail or are derailed, which can lead to low productivity and morale, unmet expectations, wasted time and money, and increased employee turnover. Leaders need the buy-in and commitment of the people who are being asked to change along with a sound strategy, process and effective communication to help them activate change. 

The Leading People Through Change program and model helps to provide structure to this process and improve the overall success of any organizational change event.  The Leading People Through Change model is both diagnostic (teaching leaders to recognize the stages of concern) and prescriptive (guiding them to select the appropriate change strategies). Participants completing this program learn that different people are going to be in different stages of concern throughout a change process, and therefore they should adjust their behavior based on the situation. This training program provides participants with the skills needed to do that successfully.  

This seminar is delivered as a live webinar in 2 parts.  Part 2 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th. from 11 am to 12:30 pm PST.

$249 for session 1 & 2, excluding materials