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The World's Most Taught Leadership Model

SLII Experience™
To be a leader others want to follow, managers need to set clear and attainable goals, provide the matching leadership style, and give appropriate feedback. The goal of a situational leader is to help others develop competence, motivation, and confidence. SLII® boosts the effectiveness, impact, and dedication of leaders and teaches them to behave in alignment their good intentions and with the developmental level of their employees.  The two-day session, with online pre and post-work, is the gold standard of situation-based leadership training. Hollywood-produced videos and online on-demand challenges post-training keep participants engaged to sustain outcomes even after our time together, and an all-new format is why managers highly rate this SLII® experience.   Download the data sheet for more details!

Management Essentials

Becoming a manager is one of the most challenging and overwhelming career transitions an individual can face.  Research shows that less than 10 percent of managers were prepared for a leadership role. Promoting a high-performer without the proper management skills can have serious consequences for both the individual and the organization.  Based on the #1 best seller, The New One Minute Manager, the Management Essentials workshop introduces core competencies and skills managers require to achieve sustainable success and build positive relationships with their teams.  Perfect for first-time as well as more seasoned managers.

Ken Blanchard Skill Workshops

GOAL SETTING  This engaging experience provides participants with the skills needed to set effective and powerful goals.  It's an innovative approach, integrating tried-and-true techniques with the latest science of motivation.  Participants learn smart goals, but not in a traditional way.  Not only are attendees more likely to achieve the goals they set, but they will also find themselves with more energy and satisfaction in pursuing their goals.  

BUILDING TRUST  Trust is at the core of effective, value-based leadership today  - fostering collaboration and influence. Our half–day Building Trust program is built on the ABCD Trust Model™—a simple yet powerful tool that teaches four elements of trust that are critical to creating and sustaining trustful working relationships. This easy-to-learn model provides a common language for individuals and organizations to improve the level of trust at all levels.

GIVING FEEDBACK  Fear of angry responses, deaf ears or a lack of "the right words" prevent people from giving needed and constructive feedback. This sessions will help you master this powerful communication skill to improve individual and team  performance, trust, confidence and productivity.  It Can be learned!

LISTENING  Employees don't want you to just hear them, but actively Listen.  Successful managers listen mindfully to build trust and create strong connections for improved employee engagement and relationships. This workshop will develop your skills as an effective listener, help examine and expand your repertoire of what you listen for and help you learn to listen for increasing your impact and influence.  

CHALLENGING CONVERSATIONS  Who doesn't put off  difficult conversations?  Discover how to resolve conflict and improve engagement in these often highly-charged situations. Communicating honestly helps everyone move forward. This program will help you develop the competencies you need to turn challenging conversations into highly productive dialogues.

Also Available:

  • Self-Leadership for building confidence & driving high performance

  • Coaching Essentials to help leaders integrate coaching & develop skills

  • Leading People Through Change to accelerate transitions

  • Leading Virtually to effectively lead people who work remotely