Improve Work/Life Balance with These 10 Tips

Our professional lives are so relentlessly busy and stressful that they often take on a life of their own – separating us from the time we’d like to enjoy with those we love.

Regain balance, and consider incorporating some of these habits into your busy life (again!).

1. Take time every week for those you love and enjoy. Don’t let months go by without seeing your best friends or weeks without the grandkids. Date night is also a must!

2. Disconnect! That means setting aside time each week to turning off the phone, TV, and computer. Whatever you choose to do in this time, do it without distraction.

3. Eat dinner as a family at least a few times a week. Research shows that kids whose parents are home for dinner enjoy better academic performance and higher self-esteem. And all family members have lower rates of depression.

4. Leave your work issues at the office. Don’t take them home with you. If concerns are swarming around in your head, write them down in a notebook or phone to deal with when you are back at your desk. Learn to let it go for a while.

5. Enjoy your windshield time. The commute is a great opportunity to listen to an Audible book and relax.

6. Take breaks throughout the day—preferably outside for 15 minutes or so. Taking a break is not a sign of being lazy. Studies show that regular breaks make us more energetic and productive! Put a reminder alarm on if you must.

7. Get to sleep on time. If you need eight hours, get eight hours!

8. Practice mindfulness by meditating, praying, yoga, or keeping a journal. Being present in the moment creates a nurturing outlook that reduces levels of stress.

9. Make a habit of leaving the office at a pre-set time every day. The work never ends, and long hours don’t equate to higher productivity. Life is so much more than work!

10. Laugh! ...At yourself, at comedy shows (I still watch Seinfeld,) and at life in general. Be around funny and fun-loving people. It’s an energy creator.

Make sure you’re “taking care of the machinery” and are finding ways to balance the daily demands at the office. Life is so beautiful, meant to be enjoyed—and you only have one! So, commit to more mental space, time with loved ones, and those activities that bring you energy—thus creating joy.