Top 10 Steps to Achieve SMART Goals

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely—Making SMART goals is an essential part in making your dreams a reality.

However, it’s the action you implement after that can make or break your objective. Take a look at 10 vital steps you should take to achieve your SMART goals.

1. Make sure your goal passes the SMART test. To the letter.

2. Align your goals with your values. Without value alignment, you are likely to struggle—if not fail—to implement them.

3. Share your goals with three to five key people to become more accountable. Don’t sabotage yourself. Choose people who are supportive and positive.

4. Identify the resources you need to make your goal happen. For example, if your goal is to develop greater financial acumen, you’ll need to find a business finance class.

5. Establish ways to save time. Take only the short-cuts that can accelerate your progress and support your goal.

6. Detect potential obstacles. From poor work habits to limiting self-beliefs to putting too much on your plate—take action to clear these hurdles.

7. Pinpoint at least one daily action. The little things you do every day are what propel you towards your goal.

8. Establish a support structure. Who or what can provide you with encouragement, advice, healthy feedback, or resources?

9. Identify rewards: getting out of the office by five, attendance at a coveted conference, greater visibility. Keeping your eye on the prize keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

10. Identify an action you will take right now after you finish this newsletter. Do it.

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