Since 2004, we have led an effort to help companies increase sales, develop their executives and improve the workplace.

Our mission at Partner4Success is to care for others, from the executive coaching and training services we provide to our charitable giving. At Partner4Success, we provide best-in-class sales and leadership development that improves the businesses and lives of our clients and creates an even stronger force for making our world a better place.     

I have enjoyed my coaching sessions with Ann Marie. With Ann Marie, I feel I can discuss and share challenges and frustrations that I face at work. . . Having Ann Marie to simply talk things through has been great! I asked her to give me more feedback, give me her counsel and allow me to benefit from her experiences which she has done. Again, not only being a sounding board but also offering up strategies and approaches has been valuable.
— EVP, Community Bank
Clients of SalesLabs were very pleased when Ann-Marie joined our sales coaching team. She followed our process but also displayed the creativity to adapt her service to the personal needs of each sales manager she coached. She became a trusted advisor and preferred source because she cares, is curious and knows her stuff.
— Nic Reade, SalesLabs CEO
Ann-Marie’s motivational coaching methods helped me to gain the confidence necessary to realize my potential and increase my sales. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend to others that want to hone their skills to increase sales.
— Financial Services Sales Executive
The content was relevant and customized to our specific business and business needs — spot on! I learned a lot about current sales models and customer base that will definitely influence my path forward. It was an absolute Bonus to have the curriculum led by an expert . . .
— Director, Sales Operations, Financial & Business Services Organization


  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Performance Management

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Self-Management

  • Time Management

  • Management Skills Training

  • Complex Solution Selling

  • Communication Skills

  • Managing Change

  • Personnel Management

  • Managing Conflict

  • Team Building & Development

  • Building Political Know-How for Greater Influence

  • Executing Strategically

industries We have served:

  • Financial Services

  • Software & Services

  • Hardware & Services

  • Retail

  • Chemicals

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Government - U.S. Federal

  • Health Care

  • Business Services

  • Industrial Manufacturing